Double Psi Beta Barrel protein

Protein binders require maximum affinity for efficiency

Whether it is for diagnosis or therapeutical purposes, dedicated designed binders can tightly and specifically bind your pharmacological target.

New molecular platforms require new protein architectures

Whether it is to encapsulate molecules or setup new molecular platforms, proteins offer infinite possibilities to build novel molecular nano-objects.

Accessing new targets require changes in specificity

To enlarge the catalog of natural proteins, specific enzymes can be tailored to catalyze the reaction you need for the specific ligands you target.

Proteins must endure harsh environments

With increased thermo-resistance and catalytic activity, your favorite enzyme can withstand extreme conditions and deliver more, making your process more efficient and less costly.


We are innovating in the protein design field. Our business activity will start in early 2024.

By combining physics, robotics-inspired algorithms, machine learning and automated reasoning, we design improved proteins from first principles and provide customers with optimized molecules for all type of applications.

Time saving

Cost reduction


Success rate

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Time and cost saving

Our pure in silico design processes avoid most of the expensive and time consuming experimental essays. Only carefully selected designs need to be tested.

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Beyond natural proteins

Our AI-powered design method is able to confer new, desirable properties, providing sequences that evolution has not been able to explore.

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Customized solutions

With its extreme flexibility, our design engine can offer customized solutions that match your needs: specificity, stability, sequence composition, activity,...

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A palette of services

Every design problem is different. We offer a variety of services, adapted to a range of different requirements, from the simplest to the most challenging ones.

Protein design in action


We are improving our technology and its scope of application every day. Contact us, we may well already have the capacity to build your solution.

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